Lease to Artemis.

Build a future with a well established, recognised and trusted operator with a strong track record.

As a venue owner, you may be looking to exit the daily management of your business without selling the property.

You may be looking to put succession plans in place.

You might be finding that the exclusive-use wedding venue market demands greater levels of resource, attention and expertise due to increased competition, sophistication, and specialism, from sales and marketing to operations.

Or you could simply be looking for a viable, low-risk solution to de-risk your income.

We offer the solution to these issues. By leasing your venue, we can deliver its full trading potential and pay you a fair rent.

Our approach

Our proven, successful approach retains and enhances everything that’s good and unique about your venue while bringing specialist resources, expertise, and support to strengthen and improve the business.

Artemis has a proven, robust and detailed process for managing the smooth transition of a venue business, including its current employees, from its owners to Artemis.

We drive the success of your venue through:

  • Targeted investment
  • Proven lead nurture sales process
  • Dynamic pricing and offers
  • Brand definition and development
  • Effective, targeted marketing strategy
  • High-quality food and beverage
  • World-class customer service
  • Personnel development and training
  • Support services
  • Application of industry insight
  • High standards of corporate and social responsibility and sustainability
“Our tried-and-tested approach to venue management means we’ll retain and enhance everything that’s great about a venue, while bringing our specialist resources, expertise and support to strengthen and improve the business.”

- STUART OWENS, MD Sales and Marketing

Typical terms

  • Term of 20+ years
  • Full repairing lease over the whole site
  • Part fixed, part variable rent
  • Variable rent set as a % of total turnover (including venue hire, accommodation, F&B) over an annual threshold
  • Ramp up in rent across first three years, depending on starting order book and level of trade
  • Terms agreed based on assessment of trading potential
  • Transfer of existing contracts to Artemis on completion
  • Detailed heads of terms would be drafted and agreed before incurring significant external cost

Stages of our proven process

Our proven results are underpinned by a detailed, trusted project plan and process, which we have successfully applied to previous venues. We aim to ensure that nothing gets missed, and that the hard work and investment you have put into your venue is protected throughout the process.

STAGE ONE Exploration

We will visit your venue, discuss your requirements and determine whether we both believe there is a strong potential fit.

STAGE TWO Indicative terms

If there is potential for exploring a leasehold opportunity, we will set out some indicative terms.

There is some information sharing at this stage so we can understand your current and projected business performance. We can share our view of trading potential under Artemis management and any changes to the venue that we think are needed to support its growth.

STAGE THREE Agreement of contracts and process

Once we agree on the key terms, we will produce a detailed heads of terms. This helps us to reach agreement on all the key issues, including commercial terms, before incurring significant costs with lawyers.

We will also set out an overview of the transition process from your current M.O. to Artemis management.

STAGE FOUR Transition and completion

Once the heads of terms have been agreed, we will instruct lawyers to produce the full documentation, typically including a lease agreement and an asset purchase agreement that deals with commercial terms that sit outside a lease.

We will also start to work on a detailed transition plan. Often, particularly given the seasonality and long lead times for bookings in the wedding venue sector, we will start elements of the business transition prior to completion, e.g. migration of the sales and marketing process to the Artemis platform, transition to new customer contracts, communications with customers, staff and suppliers, and familiarisation with the operation on the ground.

And then, it’s just a case of completing the agreements and moving forward in a successful, long-term partnership.

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If you are interested in exploring your venue leasehold options, please contact Angus or Stuart on 01244 572002 or email Conversations are completely confidential, and you can discuss any questions or concerns you have.

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